Our company places at your disposal, technology for the training of personnel in the processes, procedures and drilling techniques of Oil & Gas. Within our portfolio is the power to offer all our clients customizable simulation solutions to each need, allowing learning adjusted to reality, reducing risks and costs.

Our simulators create virtual reality by placing personnel in the environment of the drilling rig, through sounds, 3D graphics, equipment recreation and a drilling simulation engine that offer the realism of the oil operation.

Our Simulators meet the simulation criteria specified in the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) certification programs for industry accreditation. With this simulator they will be able to train potential drillers and personnel who work in the different specialties that drilling requires, such as: equipment operation, drilling operations and well control.

The simulator works in a friendly way with intuitive icons that allow users to work through basic procedures, such as entry and exit, through multiple operation scenarios in a controlled environment since operations are simulated in a safe environment but dynamic and realistic before real work in the field, saving time and providing a much more efficient and safe result. In the oil and gas industry, during the well construction stage, there are countless situations that expose the driller and other operating personnel to making quick decisions. This is why simulator-based training is essential as it helps to understand the fundamentals of the drilling process.

The service is provided 24 hours a day in two 12-hour shifts, with a team of two people on each shift: a Geologist and an ADT Engineer (Analysis Drilling Technical).


The Geological Records unit is a complete laboratory with all sensors and personnel, which provides high-efficiency and quality solutions for the Continuous Record of Hydrocarbons in drilling of oil wells.


A modern, skid-mounted, fully insulated, air-conditioned laboratory cabin is provided for the provision of the service, with enough space to accommodate personnel and with a clearly marked emergency exit. The connection of sensors to the unit is done via wireless technology.

From a simulated drilling perspective, the RV provides a realistic drilling procedure, allowing the worker to walk as if the worker were on location and to know each of the equipment located in a drilling rig. Excellent graphics and highly realistic. A simulated, immersive and interactive virtual reality environment allowing the user to modify parameters and see how the system reacts to the change made.

This platform implements a virtual teaching-learning environment which allows students to build a meaningful training.

To achieve this objective, we implement a teaching strategy that incorporates state-of-the-art tools in the creation of content (3D virtual reality graphics with cuts and exploded views of virtual tools, explanatory videos with 2, 3D graphics and blackboard drawing), with the participation of a multidisciplinary team made up of designers, programmers, virtualization specialists and experts in methodology, educational technology, didactic content for the WEB and personnel with great expertise in the Oil field, a platform is structured in which the content of the module that the student needs to learn.

To carry out an on-line teaching-learning process, software is necessary that integrates the main tools offered by the Internet and allows the development of interactive virtual courses, tele-training, tutoring and monitoring of students.

That is, a flexible, intuitive and friendly educational environment, where students learn, content, evaluation and study that it must offer. A flexible virtual environment will be one that allows adapting to the needs of students and teachers (delete, hide, adapt the different tools it offers); intuitive, if its interface is familiar and presents an easily recognizable functionality and, finally, friendly, if it is easy to use and offers a clear and homogeneous navigability in all its pages.

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